Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two Turbans are Better than One: Scott Arbough Joins The Sage to Pitch The 20th Annual Studio C CD

Callers had to put their brains in a different space this morning as KBCO program director Scott Arbough joined The Sage in their annual ritual of hyping the sale of this year's Studio C CD. A whopping nine calls were taken by "The Sage of Studio C" today. Since it's a lot of effort for my little monkey fingers to type so much, I'll just cherry pick the most interesting. In honor of Studio C, everyone gets a C today.

Question #1: "What Studio C artists let Keefer play tambourine with them?" Answer: The Gin Blossoms. A Stump! And this woman won possibly the weirdest prize ever... A year's parking pass to the valet parking at the Cherry Creek Mall! WOO-HOO! Don't forget to tip the valet, Baby!! Grade: C+

Question #2: "What Studio C band made a pun using another Studio C artist?" Answer: BNL talk about Art Garfunkel in "If I had a Million Dollars". Sadly, the caller wasn't assertive enough to argue his point and Bret and Scott didn't see the pun here, so it was ruled out. But later the hosts realized the errror of their ruling and gave the guy a win. Grade: C-

Question #3: "Which ground breaking artist didn't appear until the third Studio C disc?" Answer: Mellissa Etheridge. Scott pointed out that it was actually the fourth Studio C CD, so she lost out. Learn from this, Grasshoppers. Grade: C-

Question #4: "Which artist brought in a full-sized harp with him?" Answer: Bryan Ferry. No stump, but anything with Bryan Ferry deserves a mention. Grade: C

Question #5: "Which Studio C artist admitted that he was on heroin when he wrote his latest album?" Answer: Ryan Adams. STUMP! And nice mention of Sting's secret heroin addiction by Bret. I'm so sick of the mainstream media kicking this story under the rug. He gets a pass and Amy Winehouse always gets slammed... WHY?!!!

This week' tip: Make your question interesting! Most people who call The Sage don't realize it, but he actually wants to lose some of the questions. The point of the show is to give away stuff. So if he likes your question, he is more inclined to throw in the towel on an interesting piece of trivia.

This week's story: My psychic senses tell me that just about everyone who read last week's post was thinking, "Just what kind of question would get an A from this goddamn monkey?" I'll tell you, you don't have to get all huffy about it. I have a photographic memory so every single Sage question is burned into my brain with razor sharp accuracy. And the only one that gets an A+ is, "Who was The Beatles' movie 'Help' dedicated to?" This question totally rocks because it's simple, wonderfully obscure and yet accessible to everyone. The Sage generally triumphs on Beatles trivia, but he didn't know this one. Answer: the movie was dedicated to Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine. But the funniest past of the story is that the caller who asked it said that the movie was dedicated to Eli Whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin. So after a fact check, the prize was taken away. That's about as entertaining as rock trivia contests can be, in my book.

This week's video: Imagine if you could get Merv Griffin, Nina Hagen, and Don Rickles all in a room together to talk about flying saucers and Nazi Germany. You say you can't imagine that? Then you should watch this video....

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